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It's time to super charge your brand with a CPG Advisor

Let us help you achieve your business goals and take action. 

Prism Brand Advisory offers CPG consulting and advisory services for business owners who are growing their retail and digital channels.

You can grow your sales on Shopify and expand your retail channels while maintaining a healthy profit margin and optimizing your operations with us. 

Prism Brand Advisory provides data-driven CPG consulting and advice to help you make better business decisions.  Our goal is to ensure your brand can reach its full potential.

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Our clients purpose is our purpose

We are a partner you can rely on when you feel it falls on your shoulder.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping founders stop spinning their wheels and master financial understanding to move their business forward.

 Our goal is to keep our clients motivated and feel supported to scale their business to their vision.

We help business owners transform their businesses by providing interpretations to key metrics such as inventory, sales & financial, and retail data.

Prism Brand Advisory provides data-driven CPG consulting and advice to help you make better business decisions.  Our goal is to ensure your brand can reach its full potential.

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Our Work Skills

 Our greatest strengths are understanding data to maximize sales and profits and cutting out unnecessary processes that startups don’t even realize they can cut.



Hello! I’m Sheela Gonsalves, CPG Advisor and I’m delighted to make your acquaintance.

As a CEO/founder, your dreams and ambitions are sky-high, but you need a little nudge in the right direction. Let me help you achieve your goals – no matter how lofty.

I’m a woman on a mission. That mission is something I take to heart. I’m here to fully support and boost your business efficiency in the CPG world. I advise ambitious CEOs and founders – often women, but not always -as they overcome arguably one of the most challenging aspects of running a business today.

Scaling your business can make or break you as a business owner.

You know that moment when your brand is right on the cusp of leveling up to retail, but there are simply too many moving parts that the entire venture feels like it’s on the edge of collapse?

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While it’s entirely possible to learn from mistakes made in the process, know that there is an alternative. Others have walked in those shoes and have lessons to impart and strategies to deploy that will save time and energy.

It’s precisely the reason why I created Prism Brand Advisory. I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate a wealth of experience in my own personal journey. I’ve gone from holding executive positions in the biggest global media studios to proudly running my own consulting firm focused on servicing the needs of startups and small businesses. I’ve led teams in growth and downturn industries such as media and entertainment.

You might even say moving parts is my specialty, having sold thousands of SKUs to retail, wholesalers, e-commerce, and grocery. What might be dizzying to others is a process I’ve confidently conquered.

Think of me as your business partner, providing CPG consulting. I am here to boost your business efficiency and help you profitably scale your consumer goods brand.


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