Prism solo-prenuers, start-ups, and small businesses to help them grow.

Need an outsourced COO?

Welcome to Prism Brand Advisory

You’re working hard on your business but don’t see the desired results.

You want to see more sales and customers but don’t know where to start.

That’s where Prism comes in.

As a Outsourced COO, I work with solo-prenuers and small businesses to help them grow and achieve their goals, efficiently and profitably.

Why businesses need an Outsourced COO (Chief Operating Officer):

Peace of Mind

 Can help you troubleshoot problems and find solutions that work for you.

More Sales

Will help you develop strategies to increase sales and grow your customer base.

Improved Productivity

Prism can help you develop systems and processes to enhance efficiency and get the most out of your time.

Achieving Goals

Launching a new product, want, planning the year ahead, or expanding into new markets, let Prism help you develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Executive Coaching

As a business coach we help our clients determine their vision, mission and values. Providing guidance and support when they need it.





Business Advisor

 We work with business owners to help them scale their business through planning, hiring, implementing and motivating their staff. A business advisor is there to guide them, ask questions on anything and get answers right away.



Outsourced COO

Prism works with our clients to provide them with the support they need to scale their business. This can include  developing a growth plan, hiring and managing staff, and implementing systems and processes.





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